18 September 2012

DIY Date

Met up with ate Ivy today for a quick DIY-date + bonding time. Ideas were pouring out of our brains like an overflowing fountain while we were shopping for materials, and that's always a good thing. :) I feel super duper creative whenever I'm around ate Ivy, but it's probably just her DIY-extraordinaire-ness rubbing off on me. I lost all motivation to continue when she left... Hihihi.

Today was mainly composed of floor sitting-material shopping-bracelet making-McDonalds eating shenanigans. It's nice to have likeminded people around while working on the items I sell on Indiestructible, despite being too focused on our own separate works to talk to each other. It's nice to hear someone else's take on the things I make, because the mixture of two different ideas gives life to a new and improved version of whatever it was that we were working on. I love how ate Ivy's so helpful when it comes to these things. I was unable to finish a simple project (let alone properly start one) until I met her. She's definitely the one I credit for my newfound obsession with DIYs and the ability to actually work on it.

The photo above is the bracelet ate Ivy made for herself. It is also up for sale on Indiestructible for only php120. :)

Taking photos of each other is inevitable whenever we're together... It's kind of a blogger thing, I guess? I don't know... Maybe it's just us. Whatever. I'm going to dump the rest of the photos right after this sentence.

Aaaaand the outfit shot.

All photos taken with my trusty iPhone 4S. The crown ate Ivy is wearing is sort of like a prototype(?) for future flower crown designs on Indiestructible. Exciting stuff.

17 September 2012

Etch A Sketch

One of my closest blogger friends, Abbey Sy, drew me! I am honestly so flattered because she's one of my favorite artists and I've been bugging her (and my other creative friends) to sketch me out. Hahahaha. I feel guilty for not having scanned my sketch of her sister (who also drew me), which I have yet to paint as well... I actually have so much to work on before I leave for my trip to Australia. Work's piling up and I am the worst at time management, so good luck to me.

On a different note, I hopefully will find the time to blog about my birthday and the fan party yesterday. I've received lots of lovely presents, so thanks to everyone who put effort into get me something. I really appreciate it! :)

12 September 2012

September (so far) in Instagram

001. can't stop making charm bracelets // 002. wearing the flower crown I made for Bea Marquez // 003. arm candy // 004. sleepover with Asunta // 005. one of my birthday cakes! // 006. new rings // 007. DIY ombre/dip-dyed shirt // 008. good morning

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