26 February 2013

Arm (feet, and neck) candy

Quite a lot of local online stores have been sending me their products, of which I am obligated to blog about. I've been putting this off for a while now, with my excuses ranging from laziness to... well... laziness. (I'm too lazy to even come up with a logical excuse). I can't wear everything all at once, so I made this post just to quickly share with everyone all that I have received so far. Consider it a haul. Thanks to all of the stores who support and believe in my ~*blogging skills*~ enough to send me items. You guys pull on my heartstrings. Hihihi.

25 February 2013

Hipsta Please

The One Direction fan in me is screaming. I'll probably be wearing this shirt a lot, because one: it's comfortable, two: 'Hipsta Please' makes me giggle every time I hear it, and three: Harry freaking Styles. That is all.

22 February 2013

Too Close

I didn't quite like the photos from this shoot, so I will most likely be reshooting this outfit some time soon in the future. I bought the denim pinafore dress from Topshop mostly because of this, but I frankly have zero regrets. I find it to be the perfect go-to piece for lazy days, which I tend to have more often than you guys think. I am lazy 99.9% of the time. Anyway, I have a lot of posts (which I've put off for the longest time) coming up featuring certain stores that have sent me the cutest items, but I'll leave you with this for now. Ain't nothing like lazy blog posts.

Topshop pinafore dress and top, Converse shoes, Li's Closet necklace, Oohlala Monster ring

21 February 2013

London loves LA

The way the world works never ceases to amuse me. Surprisingly, I've found myself using the laptop less frequently now due to having the loosest definition of a social life. I still hang around the same two people (I'm talking to you, Ozni and Chesca), but you know... Life's good. Everything seems to be going smoothly, but a bit of me is still anticipating a drop (because, you know... ~*the rollercoaster that is life*~) that will yank me back into my old daily routine - me sitting alone at home (typically during the wee hours of the morning), scouring the internet for information that tickle my fancy (but not long enough for it to stay in my brain longer than a week tops), and sleeping during the afternoon.

14 February 2013

Forever Young

Happy Valentine's Day! I probably won't be spending this day with a special someone (unless you could consider my dogs), so I apologize if this post is less romantic than all the other posts in other blogs that would probably be put up today. I still have nothing to talk about, and it's starting to take a toll on me. I hope you guys have a great time with your loved one(s), and I'll leave you with this very lovely remix of one of my favorite songs!

More photos here.

Zara top, Topshop skirt

12 February 2013

Autumn Leaves

These were shot a few days back with Chesca. There are more photos here. I think I was channeling my inner Kylie Jenner, what with the camouflage jacket, black bandeau, extremely short shorts, tights, and combat boots, but you know - I just think.

We spent the day thrift shopping, walking my dogs around the resort, night swimming (for me), and shooting pellets into the dark abyss of nighttime with my brother's pellet gun.

I should probably apologize for my lack of proper posts, but I'm actually not sorry, so... To those who feel like I owe them some kind of explanation though, here it is: I still haven't found anything important to talk about. I don't want to bore anyone with the cliché blog posts explaining the reason behind my outfit or anything of that ilk because, in a sea of many fashion bloggers, I want to at least try and be different. I want to bring something new to the table, and make sure that my blog had substance and weren't just filled to the brim with pretty (I hope) photos and unintelligible rambles.

I don't know what I can do that hasn't been done before, but you'll find out as soon as I do too.

Thrifted top and bandeau, H&M shorts, Dr. Martens boots

05 February 2013

I'll make you a star in my universe

photos all from tumblr

Apologies for my lack of blog posts lately. I haven't had much to talk about. I've been spending my days sleeping, my nights browsing through the internet. I have recently been sent a lot of eBooks by Aliyah, two of them being The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan and Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. Both books are written beautifully in a second-person point of view, so now I can't seem to stop myself from writing prose in that way too. I highly suggest you get yourself a copy of both books if you haven't already. Why We Broke Up, in particular, gripped me tightly and shook me, kind of like a friend trying to knock some sense into another friend. I don't think any other book I've read has ever made me feel the way Why We Broke Up made me feel. I wasn't even expecting it to be that brilliant. I can't get the whole story and the characters that live within it out of my mind. My mom told me that the occurrences in within the book do happen in real life, thus shattering the 'one true love' idea I held on to in my head so dearly, and making me feel worse about the book and its characters than I already did. I was reduced to tears the moment I finished the book and the entire plot finally settled itself into my brain. This was basically me yesterday. I'm not going to spoil it any further - just read it for yourself and maybe cry with me. I hope you guys enjoy the new songs I've discovered (except for 'For You' by Angus and Julia Stone, which I've known for a while, but... enjoy it nonetheless).

01 February 2013

The city that never sleeps

One of the top places on my 'must visit' list is the city that never sleeps - New York City. I may or may not have always seen the place through rose-coloured glasses, what with the countless horror films and chick flicks set in it. The place has it's downsides (I don't think I can handle living in a concrete jungle, having grown up in a province and all), sure, but it does not par up to all the good the city has to offer. The sea of people weaving in and out of buildings, Broadway, and the bright city lights to name a few - everything about New York City just seems so wonderful to me. You never seem to run out of things to do, and that is exactly the kind of place I can see myself frequenting a lot.