02 December 2014

Olay Natural White with Vitamin C

When I got back from Bali two weeks ago, it had occurred to me that my skin tone was now uneven due to the amount of time I spent under the sun. To give you a better imagery to picture in your head, it was like wearing a pale colored shirt with sleeves that only ever extended up to an inch or three below my shoulders. My forearm had been toasted a golden brown, but about a quarter of my bicep was still as pale as any teenaged girl’s would be if they didn’t leave their room for days on end like I did.

Now the problem here didn’t lie in the fact that I was tanner. I honestly prefer sun-kissed skin over one that glows as white and bright as my computer screen, but the tan lines really had to go. If they didn’t make me look like I was wearing one of those annoying shirts with curved sleeves that made your arms look five hundred times wider, maybe they could’ve stayed, but that’s exactly what they did, and so I had to get rid of them.

Previously, I had written about Olay’s Natural White Bar with Papaya Extract. I was pleased with the short-term results I witnessed in the four weeks I had used it, but now, let me tell you about the Natural White Bar with Vitamin C and why it was just what I needed to even out my skin tone.