29 January 2014

Only Love

I had the pleasure of shooting my childhood friend turned model/Big Brother housemate/actor, Keith Thompson, and blogger Michelle Yazvac. I'm not very good at shooting at night what with the lack of proper lighting and all, but I'm very pleased with how most of the photos turned out. We shot in various places in Bonifacio Global City, in alleyways and sidewalks, parking lots and murals. This is a photo diary, a sort of post where I'm the one behind the camera as opposed to being in front of it, and the first of many more to come, I hope. Enjoy. :)

23 January 2014

The irony of choking on a lifesaver

I honestly never thought I'd use an All Time Low song as a blog post title, but here we are. It's the 21st century, folks. The times are a-changing.

19 January 2014

#OOTD Lookbook Vlog

Just a quick OOTD vlog because I'm a little tired of the usual format of my outfit posts. The song I used is Younger (Kygo Remix) by Seinabo Sey. Enjoy!

16 January 2014

11 January 2014

My creative process

I wrote all about my creative process here. Check it out!

01 January 2014

Twenty fourteen

The very first day of 2014 was spent hair-flipping, sweating under the sun, and Jam awkwardly complaining about how she doesn't know how to pose. We'll work on that. I'm very excited about the new year for a lot of things, such as new people I'm bound to meet, places I will go, and the adventures I will have. This is the first of many more photo-heavy blog posts to come this new year, and hopefully a new and improved Sartorially Challenged will be under way. I don't think I have any particular things on my new year's resolution list because I get too lazy to do them once I write them down, so perhaps I'll keep all that in my head. I don't want to publicize my failure. Hahahaha. Anyway, here's a really quick outfit post because I haven't done a legitimate one in a while. There's a vlog at the end of the post as well. Happy New Year!