23 January 2014

The irony of choking on a lifesaver

I honestly never thought I'd use an All Time Low song as a blog post title, but here we are. It's the 21st century, folks. The times are a-changing.
This look was shot almost a week ago now, for my #OOTD Lookbook vlog. The weather in the Philippines has been really nice lately; where I live, it isn't humid nor is the heat triggering any headaches, so I've been able to wear a lot of styles that would've otherwise made me uncomfortable under the typical Philippine sun. This outfit, as pictured above, is one example. I'd wear it on a day out with friends or to the mall or anywhere, really. It's simple, laid-back, and very very comfortable!

The grey top and the dungarees are both from Stradivarius, which I got after I abused their start of the year sale. I highly advise you guys to drop by any of their branches and check out the stuff they have. The dungarees I'm wearing in this outfit originally cost around php2000+ but I got it for like, php900. The top was around php395, in case any of you are wondering.

As for the shoes, I borrowed them from Angel, because I've yet to buy my own black converse hi-tops. I got the 5SOS pick necklace from the merch booth in Rod Laver Arena during the TMH tour, and the quartz necklace from a quaint shop in Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast. The bracelet was given to me by Jam.

Til the next post! xx


  1. I'm pretty much loving the Philippine weather too--all the sweaters that have been rotting in my closet have actually been worn more than I should've. The dungarees are such a steal and the furry tiara is actually a very nice touch. And, man, oh man, if any of the people who dislike you ever confront you or anything, I'd be expecting that you suggest that they listen to that ATL song! (((Your hair is shorter oh my god did you cut your hair)))


  2. Loving your OOTD Lookbook Vlog :D And this OOTD ;) And I think everyone always abuse sales everywhere all year round ha hah aha


  3. You look so cute with that crown! ♥

    xx, Edda