30 August 2014

On Becoming a 1D Fan & Officer + AUTOGRAPHED Make-Up by One Direction Giveaway

I was recently tapped by Markwins International to promote their latest beauty product, Make-up by One Direction. Being a fan of the boy band myself, I know for a fact that a large sum of my readers are too, and so I'm excited to be one of the selected bloggers to be holding this giveaway. The giveaway is under the cut!

26 August 2014


Every time my best friend is over, my room becomes nothing short of a mess. It's always as if a storm had passed and everything within its four walls had been smack dab in the middle of it. Notebooks would be littered on my bed (or the floor, depending on our chosen surface of the day), and all around it would be all sorts art materials scattered and strewn messily about. Jam and I share this need to create, to be creative at all times, and for some reason, when we're together, that need grows stronger. Separately, we get lazy, but together? We come up with the wildest ideas.

24 August 2014

Celebrating 27 years of Bench with Young Star

I was recently featured in the local newspaper, Young Star, for their collaboration with the Bench Blog. It was quite a surreal experience altogether, considering I never pictured myself in such scenarios, let alone being tapped by one of the biggest local brands to style their classic white tee. Lots of love to Marga & ate Maine for reaching out and making this happen. You guys are the best-est.

You can read the feature under the cut! Happy Sunday x

18 August 2014


After just two weeks of planning, the Anti-Monday Bazaar finally came into fruition on the 17th of August, 2014. What started out as another one of my brainchildren* eventually evolved into a legitimate, however spontaneous passion project with the help of two of my best friends, Renee and Jam, allowing me to tick off one of the top priorities on my very own bucket list.