18 August 2014


After just two weeks of planning, the Anti-Monday Bazaar finally came into fruition on the 17th of August, 2014. What started out as another one of my brainchildren* eventually evolved into a legitimate, however spontaneous passion project with the help of two of my best friends, Renee and Jam, allowing me to tick off one of the top priorities on my very own bucket list.

The idea of organizing our own bazaar came to us after we attended a pop-up one at the very last minute, held in the same place Anti-Monday was held in: the Belle & Cat Nail and Wax Studio. Over coffee (for Renee) and tea (for Jam and I), and in between the getting-distracted-by-other-things-because-we-have-short-attention-spans, we said to ourselves, "Hey, why don't we organize our own bazaar?" I mean, it seemed simple enough (it isn't), and Jam's sister (The Belle to the Cat) agreed that we could, so the only question we were asking ourselves at the end of that day was, "Why not?"

We wanted to find a way to reach out to our readers and make it easier for them to find out about our favorite online stores, and this bazaar felt like just the right platform to do so. Most bazaars we've gone to were crazy (in a good way of course), filled with an abundance of choices and all sorts of stores, giving one an experience we could've tried to replicate, but we wanted something more intimate, something a little more personal than the usual. The shops present were all physical representations of the things that Jam, Renee, and I liked, and we knew, for a fact, that our readers would like, too.

Perhaps it was crazy, a decision made on a whim, but it turned out to be one of our best choices yet. I'll admit I was worried we wouldn't be able to pull it off—that nobody would attend—for a lot of reasons, one being that we were too young and barely had any experiences in organizing such events, but I wouldn't be writing this now if I had let myself be overcome with such worries and fears. (So let this be proof that sometimes, the craziest ideas—the same ones that scare you—turn out to be the best; and that yes, you can, and no, you're not too young to be going after your dreams, so take a leap of faith and flap 'yo wings, you beautiful butterfly, you.**)

Jam and I arrived at the venue a little later than planned, but early enough to help set up a little before shoppers arrived. There was a lot of "Oh my God's," and "Ooh's," and "Aah's," from us girls while we made rounds, the first booth we visited being Stoneriver's (pictured above). Back in 2012, I purchased my first rose quartz necklace by the beach in Gold Coast, and I've been obsessed with it ever since, so it's quite a thrill that it's becoming more popular in the Philippines as a staple accessory to any outfit. Finding out about the crystals' meanings added a little more sentimental value to my growing collection of them.

The crafty girl in me was more than thrilled by the idea of being able to customize my own necklace. There was an assortment of chains of different lengths and handmade charms to choose from, all of which were designed by the beautiful Kimberly Sabala. My favorite purchase from Stoneriver is definitely the Vritra in Opalite necklace with a silver 30-inch chain.

If you would like to find out more of the other shops present, click here.

As if shopping 'til you drop was not enough, Belle & Cat was also offering services at the bazaar itself so you and your friends could get pampered and matching mani-pedis. The girls and I got excited every time someone had their nails done, and hopefully we didn't scare anybody by peering over their shoulders and gushing excitedly. We seemed to think everybody present at the event was our best friend...

I highly suggest you guys check Belle & Cat out. They offer services ranging from nail care for hands and feet; facials, waxing, body massage and scrub; hair and make-up services, and spa party packages, all perfect for a day's worth of pampering with your mom or your best friends. They're also selling an assortment of products, including the Eye of Horus mascara that I use (and highly recommend).

You can visit them at GF Sterling Centre, 131 Esteban corner Dela Rosa Sts. Legaspi Village, Makati, or call either of these two numbers for an appointment: (02) 261-4019 or 0916-6467568. You can also email them at bellecat.studio@gmail.com for any more inquiries.

It's worth mentioning that I will be collaborating with them soon, so keep an eye out for that.

And finally, to my outfit. Jam, Renee, and I wanted to shoot after our first adventure around Legaspi Village made us realize just how many shooting locations there were there. We agreed on a color scheme that was foolproof regardless of the weather and our moods: monochrome. Now, I rarely talk in detail about my outfits because I'm of the mindset that I need not spell everything out for my readers, but please please please let me gush about the leather vest I'm wearing above.

I got it at a Bershka sale in SM Aura recently, and at first I was reluctant about the purchase considering the price was still a little more expensive than I'd like to splurge. (I have said goodbye way too many times to the prettiest of things because I have a voice in my head going, 'you can get that for less at...' and then promptly forgetting about it soon after [although I swear I'm not as materialistic as that makes me sound]). At the counter, however, when they were ringing me up, it turns out that there was a discount from the discounted price (double whammy!), and I got it for even less, at a reaaaaaaaally worth it price considering the quality of the item. And then the rest of my day was a series of one good thing happening to another after that, and I've ultimately decided that this leather vest is a lucky one. Hopefully revealing this won't jinx it...

You can't tell from the photos because I forgot to take detail shots like the idiot that I am, but layering necklaces is also my thing now. Serious. For real. It used to be stacks of bracelets leaving marks on my wrists, but now it's necklaces, and I don't have to worry about my wrist itching. I was wearing a Hamsa and blue stone necklace from Pink Outside The Box, a Saturn choker from Nylon the Label, an Aurora necklace with three rings from Istorya, and my purchases from Stoneriver.

The top is a gift from Vida, and the shorts are from H&M (if I'm not mistaken). My sandals are from Birkenstocks, which I was lucky to get a pair of considering their lack of stocks in the Philippines. They're probably the only pair I wear now. Waaaay too comfortable.

And that about sums it up. If you're wondering about when the next Anti-Monday bazaar is, then I highly suggest you like our Facebook page to keep yourself in the loop. For more photos from our shoot, click here. 'Til the next time, cuties!

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* - brainchilds? brainchildren? I have no idea.
** - but like, don't do drugs, though. I don't want to be held responsible for that. Be smart!!!!!


  1. Congratulations to you, Jam, and Renee! Wish I could've dropped by, hopefully next time I could make it! Legaspi Village is such a cute place, my mom's office is right around the corner and they have this weekend market near the Starbucks <3 <3

    1. Gaaaaaaabe!!!! Come by next time! :)

  2. What an inspiring story of success! Makes me wonder wth I was doing with my life when I was your age. Haha! Well, no one's ever too young to do great things! Congratulations on a job well done! Anti-Monday was no doubt a threat to the big shot bazaars out there! Will definitely be glad to work with you again in the future!

    It's an honor to be one of the handpicked shops you invited to be part of Anti-Monday! Your support is a big part of Stoneriver's growth and for that, I am so so thankful.

    P.S. Thank you for the kind compliments! You three are a bunch of beauties as well! Mwa see you soon!

    Love & light,

    1. Ah, Kim, you're such a sweetheart! Thank you so much, we look forward to having you again! :)

  3. I'm glad your bazaar was a sucess Nina. If I was in the country right now, I would grab my cousin there! Everything in your bazaar is cute! I just wanted to know if all of the stores ship outside the country?x

    Love Katrina

    1. Hi Katrina, it's worth a shot to ask them as I'm not entirely sure! :)

  4. I'll surely drop by next time! Your bazaar seems great, Nina. Oh, I love your leather vest btw! I've been wearing a leather bomber however and yeah, they make your outfit like 10000x more badass lol congrats on the bazaar! :)

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!