24 August 2014

Celebrating 27 years of Bench with Young Star

I was recently featured in the local newspaper, Young Star, for their collaboration with the Bench Blog. It was quite a surreal experience altogether, considering I never pictured myself in such scenarios, let alone being tapped by one of the biggest local brands to style their classic white tee. Lots of love to Marga & ate Maine for reaching out and making this happen. You guys are the best-est.

You can read the feature under the cut! Happy Sunday x
The Upside to “Basic”: “When you say ‘going back to basics,’ it’s going back to the beginning. There’s something very simple about it but very classic. That’s what I love about basics. White shirts are a staple for me. You can dress it up, you can dress it down, you can wear it with anything. You can never go wrong with a basic tee.” 
Bench & Beyond: “It’s amazing—it’s gotten so big. I remember when I was younger, it was a go-to already but now, it’s amazing how far they’ve come. It’s a Filipino brand and it’s something to be proud of.” 
My Style Core: “I feel pressured to use a certain adjective and limit it. The only word I can think of to describe my style is ‘me.’ It changes with my mood and reflects how I feel.” 
How We Dress Today: “We tend to grab from previous eras so it’s a mixture of the ‘80s, the ‘70s, the ‘90s—a modern twist of the past.”


  1. I love what you said in your feature. I also dislike it when people ask me what my style is called since I really don`t know how to describe it. You look great, Nina! x

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