21 February 2013

London loves LA

The way the world works never ceases to amuse me. Surprisingly, I've found myself using the laptop less frequently now due to having the loosest definition of a social life. I still hang around the same two people (I'm talking to you, Ozni and Chesca), but you know... Life's good. Everything seems to be going smoothly, but a bit of me is still anticipating a drop (because, you know... ~*the rollercoaster that is life*~) that will yank me back into my old daily routine - me sitting alone at home (typically during the wee hours of the morning), scouring the internet for information that tickle my fancy (but not long enough for it to stay in my brain longer than a week tops), and sleeping during the afternoon.
I still have been taking an awful lot of photos, but I never found the motivation to post-process and upload them. Maybe some time in the future, when I run out of things to do and people to talk to... Which is, quite possibly - never. But here I am, anyway. I think something's wrong with me. It's an awful case of 'Having-A-Life-Out-Of-The-Internet'. This, however, is not goodbye.

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  1. I really like your top!! I'm with you on the whole "reading a lot of informative, cool things on the net, but they unfortunately never stay long enough in my head" deal, haha!


  2. Hi ms. Nina!

    in behalf of li's close (www.facebook.com/closetofli), we would like to thank you for the purchase! We hope you enjoyed our stuff.

    sa uulitin po!

    all the best,

    Li's Closet

  3. Where did you get your necklace? :)