25 February 2013

Hipsta Please

The One Direction fan in me is screaming. I'll probably be wearing this shirt a lot, because one: it's comfortable, two: 'Hipsta Please' makes me giggle every time I hear it, and three: Harry freaking Styles. That is all.

  I'm finding the whole 'substance and style' rule I've given myself to be very hard to keep up with, and it's barely even been two months since I came up with it. If only I had the ability to pull legitimate and interesting topics out of my butt, yes? I don't like the nagging feeling I get from it, as it only makes me dread blogging. It makes my blog feel like some kind of obligation, like I have some kind of duty to fulfill. I need to shut up about being unable to find something to talk about. Maybe I can talk about the covers I've put up on soundcloud just for the heck of it? Maybe some other time. Hugs and kisses to Aria Clemente for helping me style this outfit. I would've been lost without your twin tips. :-)

London Loves LA shirt, Jay Jays dress, Thrifted shoes


  1. Ate nina ! Your so pretty ! All clothes and accesories you wear fits to you ! ..