15 November 2013

Jash Manuel

Earlier on this week, I got to meet my most favorite photographer in the world - Jash Manuel. And of course, my long lost sister, Ellie and I absolutely refused to let him leave until he shot us (after countless times of calling his attention and pulling the most random poses). I actually have video evidence of Ellie and I running around, screaming in excitement when Jash finally agreed. We shot in my bedroom ("OH MY GOD, MY BEDROOM WILL BE FEATURED IN JASH MANUEL'S PHOTOS!!!!!!") in less than an hour and we pretty much just kept fooling around, making jokes and going, "WHAT DO I DO WITH MYSELF? HOW DO I POSE? WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS? HELP!"

Regardless of how lost and confused we felt (or just me, rather; Ellie smashed it), Jash ~*magic hands*~ Manuel still managed to capture the coolest photos ever. They have quite a Nylon editorial feel to it, don't they? :) More photos are under the cut! Let us know what you think and don't forget to like his page (click his name up there in the first paragraph) if you want to see more of his stuff!
Yes, I do have a Harry doll. Yes, we thought it was a good idea to take photos with it. No shame. Here is photographic evidence of Ellie being so done with my shenanigans.

It was honestly such an honor to be shot by my favorite photographer with someone I look up to (Hi, Ellie). I was trying not to hyperventilate throughout the entire shoot, even after Jash said it wouldn't be the last. He's open to collaborations, portfolio, conceptual, artistic, advertisement and commercial work so drop him a line on his tumblr if you're interested!


  1. The photos look so good! They really do have this Nylon feel to it! Jash is so freakin awesome


  2. I absolutely love these photos! It has tumblr written all over it xx


  3. Cool photos as always!!!! You guys look so cute and fierce at the same time! Jash sure is amazing!!!!


  4. Stumbled upon your lovely blog! Amazing photos, very Nylon!!

    Manila-Hongkie Girl

  5. These are so amazing! Love your shot with the little plushie. Jash is so talented!


  6. Hi nina! I just wanna ask how can I put my instagram account in my blog? Thanks xx

  7. Woah I love the photos!!!! Yes, they give such a NYLON feel!! You should take more photos with him!!!


  8. How exciting that one of your favorite photographers shot you! That sounds like a dream come true. You ladies look beautiful and these shots definitely do remind me of a Nylon spread!

    Xo, Hannah