11 November 2014

The Grove

The day my mom, aunt, and I spent at The Grove was comprised mainly of me shrieking on elevators and then promptly taking the stairs; walking endlessly for hours, it seemed; window shopping, eating at Umami Burger, and Haagen-Dazs cones for dessert. There's not much to say about the trip, really, as my guardians mostly let me do my own thing—which was go around in circles, taking photos of everyone and everything, while they talked between themselves. I'd have to have numerous pairs of hands to be able to count the amount of times my mom rushed me out of a store because I was taking multiple photos of the same thing (to the best of my stealthy skills).

One example would be when I insisted to go up to the top floor of Barnes and Nobles, my camera strapped around my neck, my finger on the shutter, because I absolutely refused to leave without going through every single shelf.... I kind of just have this urge to see everything a place has to offer before I leave, otherwise, I'd be on the plane ride back home wondering what this or that looked like, and then I'd beat myself up for not checking while I was there. But maybe it's just me. Let me know if you've visited The Grove before and/or if you've had a similar experience before. I've got one last post coming up from my LA trip which should be up really soon. 'Til the next time!


  1. Oh man, your photos are so gorgeous! :O

  2. I remember going to The Grove when I was younger and having the time of my life walking from aisle to aisle in Barnes and Noble (and I remember this was when I just started to read Twilight). I remember wanting to visit the huge American Girl store and hauling 2 boxes of snow powder home. Haha, The Grove looks really good too during the Christmas season. Love the photos! :)


    1. TWILIGHT GIRL!!!! Hahaha, I used to like American Girl but I never had the dolls or anything. Thanks Gabe!!

  3. Sounds like a rally fun place to go to! Love the photos btw. :) The effort paid off.