14 October 2012

AUSTRALIA: Gold Coast Photo Diary

I have a proper excuse for my lack of posts.

Just recently, my family and I (excluding my brother) went to Australia for vacation. Our first stop was Surfer's Paradise in Gold Coast, Queensland. We pretty much lounged about and shopped a little bit. I personally enjoyed the breeze while strolling down the beach. We weren't able to swim though, as it was too cold for our tropical climate-used selves.

I was originally supposed to meet up with Isabella in Brisbane, but since we weren't able to plan it out properly, we never got to see each other. :( Maybe next year!

On the second day of our stay in Gold Coast, we dropped by Paradise Country to check out some koalas and kangaroos since that's pretty much one of the main things you should do when travelling to Australia. The place was lovely and I was really happy because I got to cuddle a koala, feed a kangaroo, and - hihihihi - see a llama.

We also got to try opal "mining." It was pretty cool and my sister and I are looking forward to turning our opals into jewelry. :)

After lunch, my sister and I frolicked about in the open field, lying down on the grass and stuff because we're weird like that. We tend to take a lot of photos of each other, if you haven't noticed yet.

top, bracelets, and skirt - ice // shades - ray bans // watch - giorgio armani

The (broken :( ) dream catcher bracelet my sister is wearing was handmade by me a few days before we left for Australia. I'm currently deciding whether or not to sell these kinds of bracelets on Indiestructible. What do you think? They take quite some time to make though...

Koala pride.

On the third day, my sister and I gave the AquaDuck a try. We ended up being allowed to drive it around the river for a couple of minutes, which was definitely a cool experience. The tour guide (?) was pretty funny too. He kept making jokes about everything.

I also got to meet a couple of Directioners I happened to pass by. One of them yelled "OH MY GOD I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!" when I walked by, probably because they noticed the huge 1D symbol my jacket's left sleeve. They're actually pretty lovely and friendly.

We stayed in Surfer's Paradise for four days, before moving on to Sydney. More on that in a different post, but goodbye for now! I'll leave you with this video diary filmed in Gold Coast :)


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