14 October 2012

Tea and Toast

Went out with Chesca yesterday after a long time of not seeing each other. We watched a Filipino movie, which is something we rarely do. It was funny. The mall was extra busy, but I'm glad no one gave me funny looks while posing for the camera. People tend to do that here - mind other people's business... It's the one thing I hate the most here. But I'm slowly starting to learn how to not care. :)

We were actually pleasantly surprised when we gave one of our favorite (well, not really... we just go there a lot) stores a visit and saw that they had a lot of new items that tickled our fancy, compared to our last visit. We were joking about how it felt like the whole mall transformed since the last time we were there. "Maybe we shouldn't go to this mall too often, then." Needless to say, we pretty much spent all our money in that single store.

Cotton On dress, WearMauve spikes, Ice bracelets, Lipstik creepers | HYPE