08 March 2013

Teph, Kim, and Ozni

Impromptu mini-shoot at my family's restaurant (C' Italian Dining) with Teph, Kim, and Ozni after thrift shopping. On the way to pick Teph up (it was actually my first time to legitimately hang out with her), Kim, Ozni, and I went on a mini-adventure wherein we drove around and ended up semi-lost because our original route was blocked by closed gates. I couldn't stop the theme song to Adventure Time. Hihihi.
Teph is actually an actress (is that the right term?) under TV5. She was a part of Artista Academy, in case any of you guys are wondering. She speaks with a slight hint of an English accent, which is probably expected as she is part British. She's gorgeous, and super duper friendly too. Teph, and everything she stands for basically screams Nina's girl crush. Happy Friday everyone! :)