16 March 2013

The Off Price Show Experience

The first day of The Off Price Show finally came and gone. I honestly don't have a lot to say, so I'll let the photos I took do the talking. Thanks so much to the people behind The Off Price Show for inviting my fellow bloggers and I, and for generously giving each of us a gift card! I had a lot of fun running around, going through the countless racks, and trying on pretty much everything that tickled my fancy. The staff members were really friendly and helpful too, and the incompetent fourteen year old (aka me) roaming the Trade Hall alone appreciated that.
Tomorrow (March 17, 2013) is the last day of the event, so to my readers from Pampanga, I highly suggest you guys drop by the Trade Hall in SM Pampanga and check out what all the featured brands in The Off Price Show have in store for you. Everything is 80% off. No jokes. I saw a thick coat from G2000 that costs only around php1500. Definitely a style steal. I can guarantee you guys would get your money's worth! Hihihi. Thanks to Seff Francisco for taking my look shots. It's always nice seeing him and ate Cheska! You can check out the items I got from The Off Price Show and more photos from the event on my instagram.

Top from Cache Cache, DIY Cut Off Shorts from Old Navy, Camouflage Jacket from the thrift store, Boots from Dr. Martens | Hype


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  3. I wish I'd gone. :( But it's all the way in Pampanga, dang it.