28 August 2013

Closet Sale v.2

It's no secret that I have one too many clothes. Since I was a little tyke, I've been obsessed with fashion (tutus, feathery plastic heels, and tube tops to pre-school anyone?), so it's no surprise that I've somehow evolved into a bit of a hoarder. To make more room in my makeshift closet, I started a closet sale. It had been requested quite frequently by my readers (that's you guys!) so I chose a couple of my previously favourite pieces in my closet and uploaded them on Indiestructible's Facebook page. It went off without a hitch.

Now, four months later, I will be releasing part two of the closet sale! Most of the pieces are dresses that I found hard to let go of but had to, so whoever gets to keep them is really lucky. Oh and most clothes, if not all, are branded. I noticed that this collection is 95% made up of clothes from Forever 21, but from past collections so you won't find them anywhere else anymore. I'm not going to reveal the price range yet, but I doubt anything will be too expensive. I'm sure nothing will cost over a thousand pesos, so there's that.

The closet sale will most likely be up tomorrow (August 29, 2013) at 7PM on Indiestructible. Have a good week ahead, guys! ♡


  1. I wish I could just teleport there and buy some. I hate how far I am. :( Hoping I can buy soon on your other closet sales. :))

  2. I'm so ecstatic! I missed your previous closet sale and now I won't get out of the computer until 7 PM!