06 August 2013

Take a chance

It's been a while since I last posted an outfit post. I haven't been much of a 'fashion' blogger lately, because really though... What more is there to an outfit post than someone pretty much just going, 'hey look what I wore today!' This post will probably end up following the exact format aforementioned, but I hope you guys enjoy this post anyway.
This was the outfit I had worn to Luigi's event. I actually had quite a hard time deciding what to wear, because I was unwilling to change the top I had picked out. The reason behind this is because Luigi's first single is called Take A Chance, which - if you haven't noticed yet - is also what the top says. The moment I laid my eyes upon the tee, I knew I had to get it mostly because I'm secretly Luigi's #1 fan... Jokes aside, if you want to get yourself the same tee, it's currently available in most Mango branches, if I'm not mistaken. All photos were shot by my best friend, Chesca, who is celebrating her fifteenth birthday soon. We plan on having a kiddy party/picnic at my dad's resort, so expect a blog post about it! A few more things to expect are a quick blog post regarding what's currently going on in my life and a bit of a mini-haul, and a mini-series that Jeline and I are collaborating on. Have a good week ahead, everyone! Top from Mango, shorts from Topshop, plaid blouse from Zara, boots from Dr. Martens, cat ears are Chesca's but they're from H&M


  1. Nina, you're so pretty! :) love those Dr Martens!


  2. You look so amazing! And wow my best congrats on winning the contest ! It's really the best job in the world! <3


  3. Love this outfit! You're pretty :)

  4. I super Loved all of your post and outfits :)
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  5. Oooh, so pretty! ^^
    Love yout photos!


  6. Too cute for my life :(( Hihihi, so excited for the mini-haul and the mini-series!!! :)


  7. You look so sweet my love! thank You for your lovely comments, I really appreciate it xx


  8. SO cute! I love my classic black Docs and man am I jealous of your contest win- sounds awesome!

    Greta xoxo

  9. Awesome outfit, and great photos! The doc martens work perfectly.

  10. This outfit is adorable!!

    Xo, Hannah