24 October 2013

Australia, October 2013 OOTDs ft. the Dr Martens Evan boots

Just before I left for Australia, I stopped by the Dr. Martens store in 2 Parkade, Bonifacio Global City to pick up my newest pair of shoes. I got them a few days in advance due to the fact that I was leaving on the first of October for Melbourne, Australia, and I wanted to take whatever pair they were giving with me.

Stopping by the Dr. Martens store once a month is always exciting for me. I'm never told what pair I will be receiving, so it's a bit of a monthly surprise, really. I was ecstatic when I was informed that for the month of October, I will be given the floral Kensington Evan 7 hole boots that I've been eyeing since they first posted about it a day before my birthday. I literally had to pretend to be calm while at the store because there were other customers around and I didn't want to scare them off with my loud squealing. It's rare for me to actually spazz over shoes, so call me materialistic, but I think I can speak for most girls when I say that we definitely love ourselves some pretty shoes.
My father wasn't kidding when he first saw it and said it'd go well with anything. I pretty much wore the boots with the entire time I was in Australia for more reasons than one. Off the top of my head, here are my reasons:

1. It was cold. The boots were perfect for keeping my toes warm as they tended to feel a little numb and chilly whenever it was cold. It's Springtime in Australia, so during the day (most especially when we went to Mt. Olinda), the wind was pretty strong, and the nights were extreeeeemely cold. Melbourne's known for it's erratic weather (four seasons in one day, I tell you), so I couldn't exactly walk around in flip-flops. My boots were definitely my go-to pair.

2. They're comfortable as hell. Or heaven. I heard hell's a pretty ugly place. Anyway, we did a lot of walking, most especially on our first few days there. My mom and I pretty much walked to and from places as we explored the city, and I may or may not have memorized Melbourne's city's streets already. I was pretty glad that I didn't get blisters from my Evan boots, too; I was kind of afraid of breaking it in because Dr. Martens boots tended to do give you blisters during the process. The shoes are also a perfect fit, as if it and my feet were a match made in heaven.

3. Like my dad said, they go well with anything. The shoes had pretty neutral colors - a grey background with blue, green, and pink details. As you can see in my outfits in the photos, the shoes are pretty versatile and manage to complete whatever look you're going for, may it be girly or slightly edgy. These boots are probably my favorite pair from Dr. Martens so far, and I see myself wearing it a lot more often in the future. They're lighter compared to my classic 8-hole black boots, mostly because the material it's made of isn't leather. The soles aren't as thick either, which I actually love. I could walk for hours without having to worry about my feet hurting any time soon.

If you guys are looking to invest in your first (or another!!!!) pair of Dr. Martens shoes, I highly recommend this beautiful pair. Most people would go for the most common ones - the black/cherry red/white boots, but if you're daring enough and want to make a statement with your outfits, then the Evan boots are for you. They have a low-cut version with a similar pattern called Briar, so click here if you're interested in seeing it. The Evan boots cost ₱6,400 if any of you guys are wondering. It's definitely worth the price though; it's a good investment. Dr. Martens shoes can last for decades, if I'm not mistaken. A lot of my friends have inherited a pair or two from their parents!

Let me know what you think of the Evan boots and how you would style them! If you want me to check out any of your OOTDs or blog posts featuring your Dr. Martens boots, leave a comment below! I also have a giveaway coming up with Hodge Podge so be sure to check back really soon if you'd like to participate. 'Til next time!


  1. HODGE PODGE (omg okay). Everything is so pretty!

  2. Yeah. I agree with your dad. They go well pretty much with everything. Nice pick! Hahaha :))


  3. I miss this! Lol glad you're back to blogging nina! Lovely photos anyway!!!! x


  4. I should now definitely get myself a pair of Dr. Martens!


  5. Your boots really go well with your outfit, even with those flowers in the garden. :)


  6. Aww I love your outfits and I missed your posts! :)
    Btw, are those the shoes you got from Dr.Marten's when I saw you? /:) (If you remember, hihihi)


  7. I'm planning to purchase my first pair of Dr. Martens and I will definitely get one of these!


  8. Your Docs are SOOOO cute!

    Xo, Hannah


  9. Love all your outfits! Especially your Docs! ♥

  10. Maybe I'd drop by Dr. Martens tomorrow and buy that exact same pair of boots you're wearing there because it's floral, i love it and it's to die for!! Oh my gosh I'm really in love ♥


  11. Wow those Doc Martens are really.. wow
    Like always, love your post!!

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