27 October 2013

Sartorially Challenged x Hodge Podge giveaway!

Hi guys! It's been a while since I last had a giveaway, hasn't it? This is why I'm very excited to announce that Hodge Podge and I have teamed up together for one! Hopefully this will make up for my lack of recent blog posts, so I'm really thankful that the beautiful people behind Hodge Podge are helping me give back to my readers for their never-ending support! :)

One of the people behind Hodge Podge (if I'm not mistaken) is Gel, who was actually one of the few people I looked up to when I started blogging at age seven. It was quite exciting to have received an e-mail from her; it was like a blast from the past! Hahaha.

That being said, let's get straight to the giveaway details. The mechanics are listed at the foot of this post, in the Rafflecopter box (or whatever you call it). Just finish all of the tasks in it - we promise it won't take longer than 5 minutes - and you're good to go!

Basically, there will be 3 winners and each will receive the following:
- 1 bookmark
- 1 bracelet
- 1 necklace
- 2 keychains

Winner 1 will get:
- Adventure Time bracelet
- Unicorn bookmark
- Paris necklace
- Rilakkuma and purple rainbow keychains

Winner 2 will get:
- Hello Kitty bracelet
- Mickey Mouse bookmark
- UK necklace
- Heart and Hogwarts keychains

Winner 3 will get:
- Green mushroom bracelet
- Pig bookmark
- Anchor necklace
- Ice cream and star keychains

Additionally, each winner will be receiving a secret prize as well, so if you're a 1D fan, I highly suggest you try out! ;) This giveaway is open only to Philippine residents. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Autographed picture of the boys :)

  2. I can't open the link for rafflecopter :(

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  4. Our Moment perfume? Where We Are book?

  5. Our Moment perfume? This Is Us DVD? Where We Are book?

  6. The so-called Rafflecopter box doesn't seem to work. :(

  7. Your blog is amazing! Love it and now following!

    xo spreadfashionblog



  9. A 1D inspired bracelet or bookmark or necklace or keychain made by Hodge Podge? :)

  10. 1D's Our Moment or 1D bracelet/bookmark made by Hodge Podge :)

  11. Im not a 1D fan but I guess a magazine? :)

  12. One Direction Shirt with posters i guess :)

  13. 1D inspired item/s made by Hodge Podge or 1D official merchandise/s from Australia (From your trip or the concert, maybe...? hihi :D)

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  15. Nina, what if I have no access to Instagram but I still want to get a prize?

  16. One Direction tshirt or any official merchandise? lol

  17. omfg WWE book or Our Moment Perfume or any 1d Merchandise :O

  18. wwe book, our moment perfume, anything signed by the boys or any 1D merchandise from your trip nina!!