05 June 2014

Shooting stars

Mother of late posts. At this point, I don't even know if I have the right to call myself a blogger. I've been so caught up with life outside the Internet (sort of) that I haven't had the time nor motivation to sit down and update this site. There isn't much to write about, anyway. I gave a talk recently for I Know Write MNL, but I did rather terribly, and don't think I'll ever be doing that again. :P I've mostly just been writing (not blog posts, obviously), Vining, and stalking Tumblr. If you want to keep in touch, shoot me a message or tweet me. Deuces.


  1. Still lovely as ever nins, Props to whoever took these! x

    Xine xx

  2. I like the third photo the most. :-) also, rad song you suggested! thanks xx


  3. Black and white photograph ♥ Cool song!

  4. Love the monotony, Nina! It all looks so beautiful :)


  5. Hello, Nina! As much as I love to see you posting as actively as you previously could, it's okay to let go of writing if it interferes with your life outside of it (as Ms. Marla said in IKW), so I guess the ~*blogging universe*~ forgives you. These are really wonderful photos too. xx (and no, you didn't do terrible on your talk. I, together with all the other attendees, learned so much from you, even some witty retorts to hate)