22 June 2014

Shop at Shana

I was recently invited to the opening of Shana's third branch in the Philippines, which can be found in Glorietta 5 (their other two branches can be found in Robinsons Magnolia & Shangri-La Plaza East Wing). I had brought along my 'twin' with me, who had just about splurged her money on all the affordable, good quality clothes (and I'm not even joking when I say the brand's clothes are affordable and of good quality! The owner of Shana manufactures for ZARA). Jam and I spent at least an hour going around the shop, snacking on the free food, and trying on almost every single item that tickled our fancy. In the end, we wound up changing into new outfits--or as we jokingly put it: 'we got Shana-fied.' 

Jam and I fell in love with the food. No joke. If I had not a single ounce of shame in me, I would've devoured everything...

Shana brings the latest fashion trends with new collections every week in aggressive value prices. Shana became the Spanish fashion concept with more international projection.

Shana is currently present in main malls and high streets with over 250 stores in 40 countries worldwide and is considered leader in fast fashion and pioneer in retail value. Shana collections are built around diverse inspiring fashion trends ranging from basics to dress up pieces to provide endless styling choices at an affordable price and European quality standards.
I also bumped into Ecks, who I worked with in Stache. It turns out she's one of the visual merchandisers for Robinsons Specialty Stores, Inc.!

And this is the outfit I wound up purchasing. I'm not usually a print-on-print kind of girl, but I loved how the colors meshed well together, and how breezy the outfit felt. It was perfect for a typical rainy day in Manila. Kept you protected from the rain, but didn't make you feel like you were in a sauna. Lots of love to the marketing team for sending me gift checks to use as well--that was real sweet!

Clearly, my best friend is excited about her purchases.

We also sorta kinda abused this feature at the opening. I've always wondered how these things worked, so I kind of went crazy on the printing when I finally saw one in the flesh.

And finally: nothing like a Starbucks trip with your dad and your best friend to cap off the shopping trip.

I highly recommend everyone to check Shana out. The price range is a lot more affordable than most stores nowadays (and since I get asked this a lot: yes, it's cheaper than Forever 21), so you'll definitely get your money's worth. To the marketing team of Robinsons Specialty Stores Inc., thank you so much for having Jam and I! Hopefully we weren't too much trouble.


  1. Definitely checking this out!! Love the colors.
    Vianne x


  2. I would definitely check out shane and purchase one for me! Thank you for this! :) Oh and I hope you could visit my little blog too! hihi