17 July 2014

Scout's Honor

"I'm a Scout because I know what I want, what's good for me, and what makes me happy even at a young age, and I'm not afraid to go for it."

Scout Magazine has finally been launched! Follow @scoutmagph and sign up at scoutmag.ph to find out more.

Lots of love to Ellie for making this happen!

Hair by Eric Llave & Dan Mendez for Bench Fix
Make-up by Ria Aquino for MAC Cosmetics
Photography by Patrick Segovia
Art Direction by Ellie Centeno


  1. Nina! You're looking absolutely stunning haha :) x And congratulations to the people behind Scout Mag for their successful launch!

  2. Ooohhh.. You look so different here.. Though you're still pretty ♥

  3. Love how the lipstick looks on you, Nina! You look stunning! x


  4. Hey Nina! I'm a huge fan of your blog since last year. I'm just a newbie and I did the TMI tag. And I have tagged you as the person I would like to answer the questions next. If you don't want to, it's okay! But if you want to, just dm me on my Twitter which is @KatStyles07. Thank you!!

    Love, Katrina❤️❤️