23 July 2014

Think About It

A casual outfit for a warm lazy day attending album launches with your best friends–that's basically what I had in mind when I got dressed that afternoon of the 19th.

I received the cami from my aunt just the day before, and instantly I knew that it would complete the entire get-up. I purchased the bottoms I'm wearing in the photos a week prior, and while I never thought I'd get into the whole boyfriend jeans trend (seeing as most of the pairs I've tried made me look like I slipped into my dad's jeans, rather than my non-existent boyfriend's), the pair pictured above fit perfectly like leg-gloves (there was an attempt).

I've been obsessed with it since,  with me trying to find every excuse to put it on, then lo and behold, the beautiful cream cami comes into my life in a pretty little brown paper bag. I guess you could say I was pretty excited.

I should probably stop gushing over clothes and outfits. Enjoy the song at the bottom of this post, by the way. I'm hooked.


  1. Gorgeous as always! The boyfriend jeans is definitely a perfect fit (even though it's not really supposed to because it's boyfriend jeans but????) and it's like the cami was made to be paired with this! I think I've seen Jeline Catt where a similar outfit and now I'm getting tempted to wear the same get-up for the next two years. I believe I've spotted you at the launch when everyone was singing, and you are so pretty, even in simple outfits as such. xx


    1. Hahahaha perfect fit for a pair of boyfriend jeans! Thank you :)

  2. Love your jeans!! where did you get it?