08 October 2014


Prior to our trip to LA being booked, I'd heard a lot about Urth, an organic coffee company that first opened in West Hollywood back in 1994. Obviously, it's not a new cafe considering it's been up for four years before I was even born, but I think it was around early last year that I first heard of it. To my knowledge, it's become a sort of go-to spot for my peers in the City of Angels, and upon stepping into the cottage-like brick building, I could see why.
It is trendy, but with good reason. I honestly worried, as I stood in line with my mom and aunts, that it was just that: another place that people lined up for because everyone else was doing it, despite the food tasting more like sand than a sandwich. I mean, the interiors were cute, as was the logo, and wow, "it's just so Instagram-worthy!" that maybe everyone else was willing to act like they liked the food just so they wouldn't feel left out of the bandwagon. I didn't quite know what to expect—I'm (unashamedly) more of a fast food girl than an organic one—but I could tell you that I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered their grilled cilantro chicken with pesto sandwich and CaffĂ© GlacĂ©, and I was legitimately this close to ordering a second round. That's how good it was. They've got five branches, which you can see by clicking here, so if you're ever in any of those areas, I highly recommend stopping by, even if it's just for a drink.


  1. We're actually the same! I love fast food but I am slowly letting myself try something different already. Fast food is so unhealthy but of course it's just yummy! haha


  2. Fastfood is good, but it's nice to try restaurants like this once in a while. :)

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  3. HAHA I totally get what you`re saying about being somewhere or doing something just because everyone does it. I'd love to go there sometime! x

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