10 April 2013

The district sleeps alone tonight

This is the outfit I wore to Birdy's concert at the Palais Theatre here in Melbourne. I was wearing leggings underneath the skirt as it was a pretty cold evening, but took them off as soon as we got home. I'll probably blog about the concert itself some other time! I've been enjoying my stay here in Melbourne so much that I've barely had time to even talk to my friends at home (but I do miss you guys!). We recently visited Daylesford, Victoria and Lavandula (a Swiss Italian farm), but more on that in a different post. Australia is oh so beautiful. I'd live here if I could. I'd move here in a heartbeat. The weather is fantastic, and cold enough for me to wear sweaters during the day if I wanted to, as opposed to the Philippines where sweaters aren't even an option unless you want to experience a heatstroke. The Australian fashion sense/street style is my favorite, too. Everyone here dresses so nicely. It makes me wish the Philippine people didn't chose comfort over style, but instead - comfort and style. I don't see that happening soon, though, as Filipinos are pretty conservative. Also, I've finally gotten myself a pair of the boots pictured above! I've been lusting for a pair for God knows how long. They're pretty expensive, but worth it as they're really comfortable and stylish. I see myself wearing these quite a lot...

I have a giveaway coming up in a few hours so be sure to check back soon! Bye!
Brandy Melville top, Skirt from a local store in the Philippines


  1. Ahh obsessed with your shoes! Been wanting cut out boots ever since I saw the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane ones!


  2. You have the cutest sweaters ❤

  3. PERFECT AGAIN!!!! <3 Keep enjoying Australia('s cold weather hehehe) :) :)


  4. Another nice blog, as always! Keep it up :))

  5. Hey, nina. Do you order from Brandy Melville and if you do, how? I've always wanted to buy one.

    1. Oh my! Can you send me a link? :) Btw, I absolutely love your pictures. Looking past and beyong your gorg outfits, the quality and the way you naturally model is amazing!