19 August 2012


This post is actually pretty late, and I've been far too lazy to post anything, but since I had a sudden urge to blog, here goes nothing!

This outfit was worn a few days ago when my mom and I went to Manila to meet up with ate Jeline and watch Cirque Du Soleil. My mom had won tickets, but since we read the information wrong, we found out that we were late for the show and decided to just lounge around the SM Mall of Asia. It's a pretty funny story, but I really don't want to go into detail. :)

Moving on, I'd like to point out that it's been quite some time since I last wore tights, and this was the first time I ever wore the one above. They were given to me by Chesca earlier this year, and up until a few days ago, it was unfortunately collecting dust in my makeshift closet because I was afraid it would run. They're actually pretty comfortable and I'm surprised I managed not to itch (and complain about it) under the humid Manila weather.

This outfit also caught the eye of one of the photographers for the In Manila street style blog, but they have yet to post my photo. :(

top - cotton on // skirt - topshop // tights - taiwan c/o chesca // shoes - payless // watch - giorgio armani // bracelet - my store

And again, I'm wearing my Giorgio Armani watch given to me by my parents. It's just soooooooo beautiful and it goes with everything, so now it's definitely my go-to accessory. I used to HATE wearing watches but look at that watch and tell me you'd say no to it. LOOK AT IT.

I'm pretty happy with my nails too! They were done by our home service manicurist and we spent just about ages trying to get it right... The yin and yang symbol reminds me of Zayn Malik, but maybe that's just me associating One Direction with everything. Oops.

As for the skull bracelet, if you're interested in getting your own, you can purchase one (or two) off of my online store, Indiestructible (which just reached 1,000 likes on facebook!!!!!!!!!). It's kind of a collaboration with Chesca, along with the personalized bracelets. I also have a new collection coming up and to get everyone excited about it, I'm posting teasers once week. Quoting an online friend of mine (Hi Kat!), my teasers aren't actually teasers. In her words, "THIS ISN'T A TEASER. IT'S TORTURE." I have to agree, but I need to keep everyone in suspense, you know? Hahaha. Anyway, that's about it. I hope everyone has a great week ahead!

P.S.: Lookbook won't let me upload this look for some reason. It's apparently 'too tall.' :(
P.P.S: I'm obsessed with Lennon and Maisy's cover of Headlock!

EDIT! They posted my feature here!


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