10 January 2013

Clark Is It interview

So if you're unaware, I am part of a group called Pampanga's Fashion Bloggers. We're a couple of likeminded people with one common goal, and that is to raise fashion consciousness and try and motivate others to express themselves through their clothes and/or blogging. 2012 was a pretty hectic year for us, what with all the fashion shows, bazaars, charity events, and local collaborations lined up. It's now 2013, and we're just getting started.

Yesterday, we were interviewed by Clark Is It for their upcoming site. Here are just a couple of photos I took on that day.

I'm clearly a little underdressed compared to my co-members. *shame* I had a lot of fun with Jeroy's tail keychain too, if it isn't obvious. I was pretending I was a cat... Hehehe. Oh! And we got to sign a plate at my family's restaurant, C' Italian Dining. :-)

To the people behind Clark Is It - thank's for having us! More photos here.

Top from Cotton On, Shorts from Bershka; Left hand bracelets from Especially by Paula, Indiestructible, Julia, and Ate Abbey; Right hand bracelets c/o Quirkypedia, Shoes from Mariz


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