06 January 2013

You shoot me down, but I won't fall

L-R: Angel, ate Abbey, me, Julia
Yesterday, I went out with three of my good friends, namely Julia, Angel, and ate Abbey. We hung out in Greenbelt, where we pretty much just window-shopped, took photos, and walked around until our feet hurt.

It was a long overdue day out for ate Abbey and I, actually. All our previous plans never pushed through due to clashing schedules, but this one thankfully did! I think it is worth mentioning, though, that this one was planned really quickly and at the very last minute.

It was Julia and Angel's first time to meet ate Abbey, and vice versa. Upon telling Angel that ate Abbey was going to be with us, she absolutely flipped. Maybe she'll deny it, but it's obvious that she's a big fan. Who isn't, anyways? I, myself, stalk ate Abbey's blog for art-spiration (as I'm sure a lot of you already know due to me admitting it countless times on twitter). She's so creative and talented, that you can almost feel all the time, effort, and love she put into her work. It seems pretty evident to me that she is doing what she love, and that nothing makes her happier. :)
We really didn't do much. We just took a lot of photos of each other, laughing at the passersby who gave us funny stares (although there thankfully weren't too many of them). As for window-shopping, we would walk into clothing stores (or stores, in general), point at pretty stuff and go 'ooh!' then walk out because we couldn't afford any of it.
Especially by Paula arm candy
Look at the bracelets I got from Especially by Paula! They sell a lot of cool items (some of which are handmade), and even customize wire bracelets like mine above. Everything in their store is really affordable, and the owner is such a sweet girl! I actually got all of my friends wire bracelets as belated Christmas gifts. :)
I am in love with Angel's outfit, but don't tell her I said that. She looks good in anything, to be honest, because of her thin figure. *insert jealous wails here* It reminds me a lot of one of my older looks, what with the florals and the white winged top. I mean, we call ourselves twins for a reason, am I right? She looks a lot like Amelia Jin though, if I may say so myself. Angel gets really excited when I tell her this, because Amelia's her favorite lookbook-er.

She also gave me a really pretty skirt from Forever 21 for Christmas, but I have yet to take a photo of it!
Unfortunately, ate Abbey left before she could join us for dinner. But that's alright, because we basically just talked about One Direction... like we always do. Ate Abbey, if you're reading this - you didn't miss out on much! ;) And that pretty much sums up the whole day. If you're wondering about the why I chose a quote from David Guetta's song Titanium, it's because Julia and I couldn't stop singing it that day. We kept trying to hit the high parts, only to have our voice crack and embarrass ourselves, but it was all in the name of fun. Also because it's been stuck in my head since I watched Pitch Perfect a few days back (side note: I love Rebel Wilson/Fat Amy), and it felt appropriate for my current situation. I've been receiving a lot of rude anonymous messages everywhere on the internet (some people have sent me death threats), and it's gotten so bad that my dad has decided to get me a lawyer. We aren't looking to act on it just yet, but if it gets any worse, then we will. I'm ending this blog post on a happier note though! In 12 days, it'll be 1DPH's 2nd anniversary. I'm pretty excited! And the Dear Creatures shoot will be happening this month, so that's something to look forward to as well. I hope everyone has a great week ahead! :)
P.S: More photos here.
P.P.S.: Ate Abbey is holding a giveaway!

Floral top from Topshop, Striped sweater from Julia, Red velvet shorts from Topshop, Boots from Dr. Martens


  1. Aw, I'm sorry about the rude anons! YOU ARE TITANIUUUUM so try your best to ignore them!! Pretty girls! I love Angel's outfit too! I can't wait to meet yoou! HAHAHA


  2. Why would people want to kill you omg
    On a lighter note, I love your boots and shorts!!! <3 You guys look so cute hehe


  3. oh my god crying bc angel's legs she's so skinny and so fit and pretty sigh

  4. Hi Nina! Just wanna ask something. Uhm,are you editing your pictures? If yes, where? Thank you! And btw, I really love everything about you hehe