20 May 2013

Everything has changed

I have found a brother in one of the strongest, most talented people I know. Luigi D'Avola is such a sweetheart and he's very very caring. He's passionate about his music and his dream, and with all that he's gone through - he deserves the hell out of achieving it and more. I highly suggest everyone to listen to his first single if you haven't already. The melody of his songs have a very 'feel good' vibe to them - like the kind you'd listen to on a long road trip. His next single is coming out this June, and his debut album as well. I'm so excited for him, and I pinky promise/swear to always be there for him on his journey to success.

P.S.: The title is named after Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's song because we were singing it during Twitcam. :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I have been longing for such a blog post about your dearly friendship with Luigi! And yes, I found myself listening to 'Take a Chance' more than I should, I really do hope so his dreams will fly afar!


  2. You guys are so cute ^^ OMG! I wish I have a guy bestfriend too :( anyways, Congratulations to Luigi! :)))


  3. OMG I DIDN'T KNOW HE SANG THAT SONG !!!! IT'S SO GOOOOD WOAH OK. <3 And my glad you've found a great friend, take care, Nina! :)


  4. Nina!! may I ask how u were able to do the light leak effect in the first and second photos?
    thank you, these photos are pretty <3

    1. I didn't do anything, really. There were just lots of street lights all around that gave the effect :)

  5. is this on film? (canon ae-1) :D