30 May 2013


Upon purchasing the top from Uniqlo, I realized that it was similar to the top Natalie Foster wears in one of her her band's music videos, thus giving me the idea to name this post after them (Tully on Tully). I was supposed to wear this outfit to Uniqlo's SM Pampanga opening, but I didn't know it was 9AM and woke up a little too late, so instead, I wore it out to a day well spent with Ozni, Chesca, and Luigi.
The top was a little loose so when tucked in, it made me look a little balloon-y but I love it nonetheless! The fabric is perfect for the weather here in the Philippines. It's soft and keeps you cool under the blazing hot Philippine sun. It's also a very versatile piece, as you can wear it to either formal or casual events. It all depends on how you style it. I dressed it down with my army green pants from Uniqlo as well, which are - I'd like to point out - comfortable as hell. They're soft, and stretchy, but still tight enough to be considered skinny jeans. It doesn't look too tight (crotch rape, eugh) or too loose (crotch rape again, if you wear a belt... eugh x100), which basically makes it perfect for me. The Uniqlo sizing is perfect, to be honest. I rarely wear pants, because I usually hate the fitting, but this one is absolutely perfect for me. I also folded the bottom part, because I'm obsessed with folding jeans at the moment. Luigi was sitting around while Chesca snapped photos of me, lookin' like some kind of model without even trying. I couldn't resist ordering him to 'not move a single muscle' while I try to capture the perfect shot... The woes of being friends with someone who loves taking pictures, yeah? Hahaha. Luigi also signed a plate at my family's restaurant. We usually have VIPs or celebrities sign plates as a remembrance. I don't know who came up with the idea, but if you visit our main branch along Clark Perimeter Road, you'll see the countless plates lined up on the wall.

All in all, we had a pretty good day. Getting massages at the spa, late night swimming, and watching a scary movie. It was loads of fun! <3 data-blogger-escaped-a="" data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-everyone="" data-blogger-escaped-good="" data-blogger-escaped-have="" data-blogger-escaped-week="">
Top and pants from Uniqlo, Shoes from Louis Vuitton


  1. omg I went to that restaurant before! i'm from manila and we went to Clark just to eat there because my dad's been there before us and he said you have really good food. :) btw, i'm a fan of your style! keep it up :D

    1. Thank you! :D Hope you enjoyed your meal!

  2. Another beautiful outfit of yours. Looks great! :)))
    The Wannabe Me xx

  3. I love the outfit!! Fabulous as always. C'Italian is your mom's restaurant, right?


  4. I would love to visit your restaurant! Italian food lover here, perfect for me. Hahaha :)


  5. I love your outfit, Nina! :) Aahhh you're so cuuute :"> & I should go to that resto some day. I love Italian food heh


  6. hello Nina! please do a tutorial on how you take care of your hair.. I have natural curly hair and sometimes it gets really frizzy. I really adore your hair <3

  7. Love your outfit :)