09 May 2013

Oh For Fox Sake

I finally got around to giving my blog a makeover (or got someone to, rather). However, I'm going to give credit where credit is due. Jeline of Sartorialust (a good friend of mine, and also part of the Next-Gen bloggers group) designed my newest theme and header. Everyone should go check her blog out, because her style is one of my top favorites as it's very casual and something we can all wear. I admittedly hurry to her blog whenever I run out of ideas for outfits sometimes. Plus, her photographs and blog in general is a sight for sore eyes. She might also start designing themes soon so keep an eye out for that, too!

If none of you guys have noticed yet, I also have a new blog title. I am now bidding Sartorially Challenged goodbye, and replacing it with a slightly funnier (in my opinion, at least) one. But if any of you guys try to snap S.C. up, know that I am going to kitty-claw your faces off because it's still my baby. With that being said, enjoy the new look of my blog!


  1. nice blog!


  2. I'll miss S.C but I really do love this new makeover :)

  3. Loving this new theme :) Great job to Jeline! :)

  4. Love the make over! Soooo fabbb! :) Love you Nina! :D

  5. Hi Nina!
    I'm having a hard time using this website. I don't really know how things work here. I'm just wondering if you could help me? I mean I'm not forcing you to, I'm just asking if it's okay with you? It's fine if you don't want to. :D
    Thanks! :)