11 May 2013

Mart of China

A lot of people ask me about my favorite online shops, so I figured I could write about one of them today!

The photos featured in this post are my top favorite items in Mart of China. If you're interested in buying them, continue reading and I will put the links to the items in a chronological order at the end of the post. :)

Mart of China reminds me a lot of Romwe and Oasap, except a whole lot cheaper. Their clothes fall under the very popular 'girly/Asian' style, and almost never cost more than $20.00 (approximately PHP823). Their shoes sometimes go a little more over that, but they're still reasonably priced and affordable. It was introduced to me by my good friend, Aria Clemente and I fell in love with it the moment I browsed through their websites. You could say it was love at first sight. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of the girly/Asian style, but I'm making an exception for the Mart of China's clothes.

There's a lot to choose from, especially under the tees/t-shirts category. They're all very casual and comfortable looking, as evidenced by the photos above and below. You don't have to worry about the item you purchased from them ever going out of style/trend, because I noticed how classic the designs on their clothes were. I'm sure whatever I order off of their site will definitely be my go-to piece for both lazy days and when I feel like dressing up.

The light blue maxi dress above with slits reminds me of the dress I purchased from Zara. Almost everything is the same, save for the color and the neckline/embroidery. The dark blue dress in the photo, if I decide to get it, will most likely be my number one go-to dress for casual dressing. You can bet on it.

Look at how cozy looking that hoodie is. I have a lot of jackets, but would you believe me if I said I don't have that one staple hoodie we all wear during our lazy days? I had one, but I've outgrown it. I've probably had that hoodie since fourth grade. I never bothered to get a new one because I suck at prioritizing. #shame

As for the t-shirt, I have no idea why I like it so much. It actually matches the outfit I'm wearing as I type this. It must be because of that... I have way too many black and white tops though. But still... it's soooo pretty! I'd fold the sleeves up a little higher if I were to wear it, as I'm not a big fan of super baggy looking shirts. I'd tuck it in/tie it into a knot over some shorts/leggings, wear my creepers, and I'm good to go!
My last two favorite items of clothing are the white blouse and graphic shirt above. You can never go wrong with either of them. They both can be dressed up or down in shorts, skinny jeans, or a skirt. They're pretty versatile pieces, in my opinion.

I'm in love with the lip graphic printed on the shirt, too. I've been looking for that kind of shirt everywhere!

Shoes. Notice how most of them are all black and gold? I sense a new obsession coming...

And that's it! To conclude this mini-wishlist post, I'm leaving you guys with this adorable bear ring. Happy shopping, everyone! Let me know below if you plan to shop in Mart of China, or if you're getting any of the items above. :)

P.S.: I know some of you guys have been looking for creepers and cat flats. You're welcome. ;)

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  1. Thanks for this blogpost, Nina! Their shirts are pretty rad (in a way that makes me want to buy them instantly) HAHA


  2. Hi nina! Not found yung link mo sa creepers :(

  3. Not found yung link sa creepers :(

  4. Wow! These items are so pretty! :3
    Thanks for this post!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Now: shopping time~