23 May 2013

Uniqlo at SM Pampanga Press Conference + VIP Shopping

I was recently invited to Uniqlo's press conference for their newest branch outside of Metro Manila, and their VIP/pre-shopping event by the marketing group of SM Pampanga. I, along with some other bloggers from PFB, were there to represent the social media and the rest of the Pampanga-based bloggers. We were lucky enough to have met Uniqlo's Chief Operating Officer, Katsumi Kubota (pictured below), too (we actually have a photo together, but for some reason, I don't feel like posting it. Hahaha). It was quite an experience. I've never done anything like it before, or gone to such events. Quite frankly, it made me feel like a legitimate blogger.
Here's a quote from Cheska Balingit's blog:

UNIQLO is seen as an innovator in the global apparel industry because of its various product lines that are highly functional and of outstanding quality at an affordable price. UNIQLO promotes through its latest global brand concept "LifeWear", which describes UNIQLO apparel as 'clothes for a better life for everyone, every day.'

UNIQLO designs, markets and sells high quality casual apparel. The company believes that truly great clothes should be comfortable, has outstanding quality and will offer a superb fit to everyone who wears them.
I was really impressed by how helpful and lively their their staff were. If they so much as see you struggle a little bit, they're quick to offer their help. If only other stores' staff members were just as attentive as they were. It would make shopping a whole lot more easier and enjoyable! As you walk throughout the entire store, every staff member (or so I think) will greet you with a smile and a quick 'Hello! Welcome to Uniqlo!' It never failed to put a smile on my face every time. At the press conference, someone asked Katsumi Kubota about their price range. It's true, their products aren't the cheapest - but they're affordable and moderately priced. It should be known, however, that their items are worth every penny. The quality is absolutely amazing. I got myself a pair of jeans and a polo (which I plan to wear on the opening), and they fit perfectly. They don't itch, make me feel uncomfortable, or anything like that. I see myself wearing the items I purchased from them a lot in the foreseeable future. Here's the outfit I wore to the event! I'll admit the sweater wasn't exactly the best choice (it was a hassle as it kept falling off my shoulders). I wasn't sure whether or not I should dress up or dress casually. Hopefully, I didn't look too shabby. :) Thanks to Uniqlo and SM Pampanga for the GCs and making this happen! I'll see you guys tomorrow (24th of May, 2013) at Uniqlo's grand opening. ♡

Loose sweater from Brandy Melville, Skirt from Zara, Flower Crown from Indiestructible


  1. You're so cute, nina! xx Love your outfit :)


  2. I wish they would also have a branch in Cebu :)

    PS. nice outfit you got there.

  3. Nina + Blonde highlights + cute outfit = perfection <3

  4. Beautiful as always, Nina especially the hair :)))) YOU ARE A BLOGGER. The BEST! :))))

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